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Condensed Matter and Other States of Mind - A Collection of poems by Douglas A. Fowler .  “Traveling cross-country or in his back yard, Doug Fowler sees lovingly every whisper of life from hard rock to soft flowers, from reliable laws of nature to the randomness of spilled coffee.” T.Saska...
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No War No More -Edited by Arya F. Jenkins  We take a stand for peace with this  collection of poems and art, and featuring an essay by Staughton Lynd...
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WNWG Presents collection of stories by WNWG, a unique writing club based in Youngstown, Ohio, who invite you on an adventure through their oft-twisted mindscape...
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rinpoche visits Slippery Rock

rinpoche visit to Slippery Rock University 
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Greenwood/Blue Lotus Press and No War No More grew out of the ideas and hopes of a few activists in the Mahoning Valley in Ohio. The philosophy of our press is rooted in a Buddhist, environmentalist and social consciousness. No War No More, A Collection of Poems, Essays, Photos and Artwork for Peace, has finally been published. Doug Fowler, Diana Ludwig and Arya Jenkins worked on this project for some time. Thanks to Doug's fastidiousness and Diana's talents with layout, this project finally came to fruition. NWNM contains work by Doug, Diana, and Arya, as well as Pauline Beck, Donna Brennan, J. D. Curtis, Jim Jordan, Staughton Lynd, Tenzin Palmo, Richard Pirko, Teresa Saska and Bob Studzinski.

Proceeds from sales of the book will benefit the Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery Project in northern India. The nunnery, which was started by Tenzin Palmo, educates nuns in the Kagyu lineage. Some of those nuns will return to their communities as counselors and teachers.

 On a sad note,  one of the contributors, Richard Pirko,  passed away October 15, 2008.  The Peace effort was only one of many communities that Rick threw his heart into, many will greatly miss his heart and soul. His friend Ray Ray Beiersdorfer, Professor in Dept. of Geological & Environmental Sciences at YSU, wrote the following announcement and tribute:

 "Rick Pirko, the producer at YSU's Planetarium and one of my best friends, suffered severe Cardiac arrhythmia on Tuesday October 8th at the Geauga County Airport. Rick collapsed due to cardiac arrest. CPR was performed, followed by a defibrillator. The heart was restarted but unfortunately this was too late to save him. Tests indicated no brain activity other than the brain stem keeping the heart and lungs working. Rick was taken off life support on Saturday and his heart stopped beating on Wednesday October 15th.  Before he died he was treated with morphine and was not in any pain.

As a passionate educator Rick has spent the past three decades providing science outreach as the producer/technician for Youngstown State University's Ward Beecher Planetarium. As a Fellow and member of the Great Lakes Planetarium Society and Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society, he provided many workshops over the years on Photography, Special Effects and Deaf Education in the Planetarium, and also provided special programs in American Sign Language for the deaf community and area schools. In addition to his public and school programs, he supervised and mentored numerous college students, providing them with one of the most important educational experiences of their lives.

As an accomplished photographer, Rick's aerial photographs of the Serpent Mound Archeological Site have been published by the Ohio Historical Society and displayed at The British Museum in London.

As a licensed pilot and co-owner of an aircraft Rick provided hundreds of children between the ages of 8 and 17 their first flight as a local organizer of the Experimental Aircraft Association's (EAA) Young Eagles program.

As a dedicated volunteer, Rick was a Merit badge counselor for the Astronomy and Aviation Merit Badges for the Boy Scouts of America.

As supporter of the arts, peace, social justice and the environment, Rick provided photographic and technical assistance to the YSU Department of Theater and Dance, The Oakland Center for the Arts, The Ohio Supermaximum Players, The Valley Coalition for Peace and Justice, and The YSU Recycling Center. He was a co-creator of Dr. Ray's Amazing Sideshow of Science which merged the worlds of sideshow and science as a fun way to teach critical thinking and skepticism. His worldview was free of supernatural and mystical elements. He and his wife, Victoria, grew organic vegetables and raised and trained dressage show horses on their 65-acre farm in Trumbull County, OH, which Rick enjoyed pointing out was also the birthplace of Clarence Darrow."

For more information on the memorial or on supporting The Rick Pirko Memorial Sundial Fund please call the YSU Department of Physics and Astronomy at (330) 941-3616
Donations may also be sent to: Youngstown State University
Department of Physics and Astronomy
One University Plaza
Youngstown OH 44555

Onlines tributes can be shared at

Tenzin Palmo teachings NYC
More information about Tenzin Palmo's project can be found at

constructing peace - how we built the book

these were some of the imagery & ideas we sifted through for how to say it best

Doug Fowler photo
Teresa Saska photo
Doug Fowler photo
Teresa Saska photo
Teresa Saska photo
Teresa Saska photo
Robert Studzinski photo
Doug Fowler photo
© Tenzin Palmo
note typo in the linoleum block print -- the actual title harkens back to the double-negative in the old spiritual: "ain't gonna study war no more"...
the layout stage
 No War No More
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artwork in No War No More
view artwork included in No War No More

more photos for peace: faces of the protest (T. Saska)
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Product Details:
Printed: 92 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, black and white interior ink
ISBN: 9781434309839
Publisher: Greenwood Blue Lotus Press
Copyright: © 2007 Standard Copyright License
Language: English
Country: United States

These are poems, essays, artwork and photos for the cause of peace. We take a stand for peace, independently and collectively, artistically and politically. In these times it is imperative not to let slip through one's hands the opportunity to say again and again, with whatever means possible, creative and peaceful, that war is wrong, that love is the only path to peace, justice and freedom, and that we will not stray from this path no matter the consequences. This idea fed this project and I hope will feed the minds and hearts of those who share in our efforts by reading this book.

A.F.Jenkins is a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism & a peace activist. Her photojournalism can be seen at , her writing can be seen at
and peaceful activism and information at

Greenwood/Blue Lotus Press and No War No More grew out of the ideas and hopes of a few activists in the Mahoning Valley in Ohio. The philosophy of our press is rooted in a Buddhist, environmentalist and social consciousness.

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